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Transform your wellness and personal brand with Henosis & Co 

Discover the perfect setting for your personal branding journey at Henosis & Co. Located in the vibrant heart of West Leederville, our wellness house offers a tranquil, neutral palette and elegant environment designed for wellness professionals seeking to enrich their personal wellness brand, perfect for those that work from home or not solely connected to another business. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, health practitioner, or aspiring wellness entrepreneur, we have the perfect setting to uplevel your brand shoot!
Why Choose Henosis & Co?
  • Versatile Spaces: Our studio features diverse environments from a peaceful yoga room to a minimalist meditation area and a lively workout space. Designed with soothing, neutral tones, Henosis & Co ensures your personal brand stands out in every photograph.
  • Mood and Natural Lighting: Bathed in natural light, and dim light, Henosis & Co provides a soft, inviting glow that enhances every image. This moody lighting guarantees high-quality visuals that captivate the mood for your audiences.
  • Accessible Location: Henosis & Co is conveniently located with ample parking, making it easy for you and your team to access. The neighbourhood also offers a variety outdoor spots perfect for diversifying your shoot with exterior shots.
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