Our Story

Our house serves as a safe haven, allowing you to reconnect with your body, mind, and inner being to support you to find inner light and freedom. 

Welcome to your home to wholeness

We’re visionary in our approach to what it means to create a community for all.  Henosis & Co was birthed by our core collaborator, SURSKIN’s owner, Jessica Wrightson, with the vision to create a house comprising a diverse group of holistic practitioners, skin specialists, and wellness facilitators to bring her clients with a dynamic and collaborative approach to wholeness.

Our purpose is to guide individuals and our community towards a better life, that heals, restores, and energises every individual on their own unique path with the help of expert practitioners that focus on skin and aesthetics, nutrition, naturopathy, body work, movement, and breathwork. In unity these diverse disciplines provide a pathway to personal growth and fulfilment, enriching the daily lives of our community.

Our house serves as a safe haven for you to connect with self.

Welcome to Henosis & Co

Sustainable practice is embedded into our creation. 

We have many initiatives currently activated at the wellness house and continue to seek enhancements to ensure a well-rounded approach to taking care of our environment and giving back to our local community. 

Areas of focus are:

  • Access to Green Transportation

    We are situated just off the West Leederville train line, and just outside a main bus stop to provide easy access for all our guests. 

  • Community Engagement

    We engage with our local community and support sustainability initiatives beyond our business. Our plans for 2024 include hosting community events, and  sponsor environmentally focused programs, as well as collaborate with local organisations to drive positive change and create awareness.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    We have implemented waste reduction strategies to encourage waste segregation, and set up recycling stations for all guests to use. We minimise single-use items and explore alternative materials where we can that are recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Herb Garden 

    We have a herb garden outside our front porch for all our members to enjoy. 


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