Healing Modalities

We are growing fast! Our collaborative home is will have an Infared Sauna, Ice Pludge, and dedicated Connection Classes and Memberships very soon. Sign up to our below email newsletter to be the first to know.

Connecting mind, body and self

Connection Classes

We offer healing and movement modalities that instal connection. Each offering brings its own unique set of benefits, contributing to a holistic approach to wellness. Our classes are hosted by a variety of trained professionals.

Skin & Body Wellness

The physical body can be nourished , revitalised, and restored through both nutrition, herbal medicines and the application of skin-care and ritual.

Breathwork & Yoga

We are a full operation collective with regular classes in Breathwork, movement and healing. We offer you an intimate experience of no more than 9 people in a classroom with all our classes offering an immersive experience combining dual modalities and nurturing guidance.


Within our memberships you will learn how to control stress, reduce inflammation and improve overall physical and mental performance by tapping into the power of you. Continue rituals ongoing with memberships to suit your lifestyle and needs. Explore what we have to offer.


Our naturopath focuses on natural remedies, personalised care, and the promotion of the body's inherent healing abilities through a tailored approach to herbal medicine.


In-house nutrition counselling to help educate and advise the best approach for your unique body supporting optimal physical and mental well-being.

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