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Welcome to Henosis & Co, Perth’s house of wellness, your home to wholeness where we have created connection through collaboration. 

Visit us in our West Leederville location.

The collaboration of Perth's leading holistic practitioners, expansive healing modalities, yoga, and connection classes curated to enhance your life's journey.

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Henosis; the definition

‘Henosis’ is derived from the ancient Greek term that refers to  “oneness” and “union”, carrying a deep philosophical and spiritual meaning representing the unification of an individual’s consciousness with a higher power. Often describing a state of profound enlightenment, where the boundaries between self and the external world dissolve, and a sense of unity and interconnectedness is experienced. 

Who we are

Your wellness house, located in West Leederville Perth, made from the collaboration of  Perth’s leading wellness practitioners and facilitators to serve with one purpose in mind; to provide an integrated experience to your wellbeing.

Here, we encourage you to shed layers of judgment, self-imposed expectations and all societal pressures when you step inside our wellness home.

We welcome all people. Our house serves as a safe haven for every individual allowing you to reconnect with your body, mind, and inner being to support you on your journey.

Classes, Workshops,
and Events

Check out our in-house events and workshops. 

“Connection to others is only as deep as the connection with ones self.”

~ Henosis & Co

Our values

We believe that collective support, shared experience, and genuine connection are essential for personal growth, resilience, and well-being. We’re committed to nurturing an inclusive and supportive community that celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration, and nurtures well being and belonging.

Wellness encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. We support our community on their pursuit of wholeness and seek to provide comprehensive resources and services that support individuals on their path. Our commitment to wholeness extends to our subcontractors, community members, and the broader community we serve.

We embrace the transformative power of deep exploration and personal growth. We provide opportunities for deep exploration through diverse wellness modalities, educational resources, and transformative experiences that empower individuals to dive into the depths of their being.

We uphold respect as a fundamental value in all our interactions. We value client confidentiality, worth, and inherent rights of every individual within our community. We foster an environment of mutual respect, active listening, and open communication.

Collaboration is what unlocks innovation and unique solutions. We value the spirit of cooperation and actively seek opportunities to collaborate, both within the Henosis & Co eco-system and with external partners, to maximize positive impact.

We celebrate the unique journey of self-discovery that each individual undertakes. We honor and respect the individual’s right to explore their authentic self, passions, and purpose. We provide a nurturing and safe space where individuals can engage in introspection, self-reflection, and self-expression.

Join our wellness community

We host a variety of movement, healing, and community centric events and workshops. Be sure to join our online community to stay up to date with all our news and events.

Our house collaborators

We host a collaborative team of expert practitioners specialising in skin and aesthetics, nutrition, naturopathy, bodywork, movement, and breathwork all united in our West Leederville wellness house to provide you with personal growth and fulfillment.


The Preventative Collective

Inner Wellness Co

Glow by Elly

The Soul Nurture Sanctuary

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